As an Architect you will know all the capabilities and main services of the Cloud.

Good Cloud Architects are the best candidates for CIO positions: they know how to maintain, improve and secure old and new workload.

Skills that you are going to improve with us:

  • design and adapt modern apps and automations both in the cloud and on-premise
  • define development strategies
  • ability to create and maintain advanced solutions in a reliable and high-performance way
  • migrate applications
  • ensure high availability and disaster recovery of data and systems

All these controlling costs, security  and performances while keeping on automating new processes.

Why a single course for 2 exams?

Because the technical arguments are exactly the same: only the approach is different. The Engineer (Associate) is more operational while the professional is more strategic and organizational.

So, before the actual Exams, the Readiness sessions will be different.

Associate Cloud Engineer Certification | Certifications

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification

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