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How are the technical courses organized?
The courses last 2–3 months and include biweekly meetings / lessons of 2–3 hours each.
These meetings, in addition to explanations, are discussions in which various topics are explored together.
In addition to this there are homework: exercises, quizzes and group work.
Each course always has a first part that helps you organize your time and motivation.

What do the exam preparation courses consist of?
Preparation for the exam is reserved for those who already know or already have specific experience.
It aims to refine the knowledge and those specific skills that allow you to take the exam with awareness and serenity.
Experienced people, when they do not carry out a specific study and preparation, have a high probability of not obtaining the certification. And it is a rather high cost, both in the form of an expense for a new test, but above all of self-consideration.

I’d like to but I don’t have time.
It is completely understandable. Studying for a challenging exam takes time and efforts. You must seriously consider whether the professional improvement you can achieve in the long term more than compensates for the commitment period you will have in the future.
On our side, we are committed to making this task as easy as possible for you. Not only the technical part, but the learning method, the motivation and the approach to the exam.
But it is only you who can build your future, with commitment, consistence, determination and balance.

I don’t think I have the skills
Certifications are not for geniuses.
They do not prove creativity and innovation but “only” the ability to apply knowledge in a good way.
So they are within the reach of all who work consciously and aim to practical goals.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. Sun Tzu.

Why is everything in English?
The exams are in English. To pass the exam, you don’t have to translate what you read into your native language … you would waste too much time.
It is necessary to be able to think, at least for Cloud, in English. The sooner, the better.

Why multicloud?
Because the concepts are the same for all platforms. Once grasped, you learn by difference.
Because large companies tend to have mixed environments, even if it seems counterproductive.
Because you acquire more independence, awareness and competence

I can trust?
I’m passionate about finding ways to study, improve and overcome goals, quickly and having fun.
Acquiring new skills is an exciting experience. Not only can you do new things but you increase communication and exchange with people who have the same interests as you, as well as, of course, broaden your professional potential.
Certifications simplify recognition, even internationally.
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