AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Amazon is the King of the Cloud. It conceived it and made it accessible to everyone.

It is the main way to enter the world of the Cloud as a leading actor.

What we will do is identify an exciting path to building powerful and global applications. Challenging but easy and enjoyable.

All techniques will be made intuitive through practical examples, Labs, use cases taken from the main business types .

We’ll start from main requirements and we will easily examine all the main services: EC2 (compute), S3 (Storage), Fargate and EKS (Containers), Lambda (Serverless) RDS (Database SQL), Dynamo (Database noSQL), Redshift (Analytics) , Kineasis (Streaming), SQS (Messaging), SNS (Notification).

All integrated with IAM (Identity and Authorization), CloudWatch (Monitoring and Logging) and Networking. The essential horizontal services.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification 

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