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40+ years of experience in Information Technology with a strong affinity with young people: we share the same enthusiasm, drive and passion.

I have a broad vision: I can speak with dinosaurs (IBM mainframes), I took part and managed international development projects, I am a leading player in the Cloud world.

With my team we can help you develop your skills and your career if:

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Our training is strongly innovative and has a very high quality / price ratio. They include live lessons, teamwork, practical exercises, homework and exam simulations.

New certification courses/bootcamps start every month. 


The standard courses have  a duration of one quarter with weekly meetings and lots of resources. 

You can pause and follow the next session, in case you need to.

For each certification there are 2 types of training:


Technical course: grasp the services scopes and techniques and learn how to create or improve solutions

Readiness for the exam. If you already have experience or knowledge on the topics of certification, that’s all you need. A great time saver.


Several programs are community-based and supported  by major organizations (Google, Amazon and Microsoft):

  • High quality resources and international speakers and events are enclosed.
  • Many events and programs are completely free.

If you want to receive information on events and obtain free material and resources, fill out this form (less than a minute).

Many Google Cloud  free Community Bootcamps  are starting NOW.

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